Learn Joe Potty’s 4 Tips for The Perfect Golf Swing

Is your golf swing perfect? Well, if you’re reading this article, chances are that you are discontented with your current golf swing and you want know how to hit the ball – in the right direction, at the right speed and angle. Here we are going to share some 4 tips for the perfect golf swing from Joe Potty himself (Head Pro; Hopeland Country Club).


improve your swingYour left hand should grip the golf club in the fingers, with the V of your thumb and forefinger pointing towards your right shoulder. Place your right hand using an overlapping grip. Gently, take the pad below the thumb of your right arm to place it above your left thumb. You want to pinch the thumb and forefinger such that they form a V-shape that points to your right shoulder. Maintain grip pressure at about 4 or 5 at a scale of 10.

Setup position

First you need to set up your hands on the grip. Then, with your feet placed together, move the club up in front on you. Be sure to keep your arms extended and your waist gently raised. Maintaining this posture, bend slightly forward in a way that allows you to place the clubhead right on the ground. Move your feet shoulder-width apart and flex your knees a bit. You want to ensure that your weight is evenly distributed towards left and right feet.

L-Shaped Back-swing

Once you’re in the correct set-up position for the ball, your arms and shoulders will automatically form a triangle. To start the backswing from this position, you need to move the club without altering this triangle. When your left arm is in parallel with the ground, bend it slightly to form an L-shape against the club shaft. You want to tilt the club shaft in such a way that the butt of your club points towards the ball. From this position, you’re capable of returning the club to square immediately after impact.

How to finish

To get the downswing right, you need to bump towards the left in such a manner that your left hip returns your weight to the left leg. In the course of doing this, the club will move into the position of on-plane delivery. Your hips should start turning towards the left as you hit the ball. Then club should then move left-wards to the finish. At the finish point, your hands should be over your left shoulder. Your right heel should be up, with the top of your right foot facing towards the target.

Do you have any problems with your game and you want some pro tips from us? It doesn’t hurt to golf on custom backyard putting greens either to help improve your game! Kindly email your questions to us on our contact page! Or you can learn more about golf stroke mechanics by clicking here.

Minimalist Golfswing – Improving Your Golf Swing

When it comes to a golf swing, the X-factor has expanded to something more, the Triple X-factor. In the new method, the X-factor includes the Stretch. This leads to a further separation between your chest and pelvis.

It also includes the Head Swivel, which is the turning your head towards the target at impact, and the Hip Rise, which means how higher your lead hip is at impact. Many golfers have been looking for the perfect X-factor.

Golfers have been spending a lot of money and time to improve fitness levels to properly rotate the thorax without having to rotate their hips. The X-factor Stretch may even cause a forward swing slide.

learn to improve your swingHip Rise is caused by your raised right side (right handed golfer) during your backswing. This needs to be dropped down before the impact. During an early downswing, a squat position is required. Most people don’t know how squat and rise can improve the golf swing.

Actually, it does not improve your swing. In fact, the Head Swivel is also a simple compensation for your left body. On the other hand, minimalist golf swing can be quite effective.

In minimalist golf swing, you need to focus on natural chest-hip separation. It even includes a hip rise. However, it’s not as exaggerated as a traditional swing. Hip rise needs to be caused by the swing. It should not be a deliberate movement.

When it comes to the Head Swivel, you need to completely avoid it. The primary reason is that the Head Swivel requires perfect timing to be accomplished on time. It should neither be early nor late. Keep You Head Down was a strategy which was right on the target. However, there should have been addition like Keep Your Upper Body and Head behind the Ball. The minimalist golf swing will be your best choice to improve your golf swing, well that and having your own top shelf home putting green to practice on everyday.

The Student and the Golf Lesson

A good friend of mine who is also a well-famed golf instructor is keen on giving golf lessons, especially to inexperienced golfers. Obviously, this is his job, but it is also the passion of his life. His student said that he was unable to strike the ball correctly, so his ball striking was unfortunately all over the place. My friend, the instructor, said something quite amazing: “I will show you a simple tip that can help you enjoy golf once more and hit the ball like a pro.” Even if the student was taken aback by this answer, his curiosity won against his common sense and fear of new.

best golf swing tipsUsing a 6 iron, all three shots the student hit after implementing this change were great. The solution to his problem was the posture. For an instantly better ball flight, the student had to bend his knees less and bend forward from his hips more. The difference was that his spine was now moving on a more vertical plane, so his arms were approaching the ball at a better angle. Hence, lifting the ball off the ground was much easier.

However, if the golfer would have used a longer club, the excessive steepness might not have helped. Moreover, if swing timing would have got messed up, would the student be able to get it right? Definitely! Even if the solution my friend offered to his golf student is just a partial one that might not work in all cases, it is definitely a very good one, especially for novice players.

For a backswing, the student had to keep his left part of the body lower than the right one (if he is right handed). His wrist and elbow must be bent in order to allow the club to arrive at the ball from the inside. Even if the second posture is not as good as the former, this solution works better for long shots. Don’t forget to practice on quality synthetic putting greens. Doing this will help enable you be able to play on any terrain.